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'Ka mua, ka muri'

Walking backwards into the future


Dane Rudhyar

Dane Rudhyar (March 23, 1895 – September 13, 1985), born Daniel Chennevière, was an American[1][2][3]author, modernist composer and humanistic astrologer. He was a pioneer of modern transpersonal astrology

Most of Rudhyar's more than forty books and hundreds of articles concern astrology and spirituality. The book that established his reputation in the astrological field was his first on the subject, The Astrology of Personality (1936). Arguing that astrology is not essentially predictive but rather productive of intuitive insights, The Astrology of Personality was one of the most influential tracts of "free-will" astrology, despite being written in the dense, circuitous style that characterizes much of Rudhyar's writing.

The Astrology of Personality 1970

Practice of Astrology 1978

An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases 1973

An Astrological Triptych 1978

Person centered astrology 1972

The Astrological Houses: The Spectrum of Individual Experience 1972

Charles E.O Carter

The Principles Of Astrology 1963

Symbolic Directions in Modern Astrology 1929

The Zodiac and the Soul 1928

The Astrology of Accidents 1932

The Astrological Aspects 1930

Encyclopaedia of Psychological Astrology 1954

Alan Leo, born William Frederick Allan, (Westminster, 7 August 1860 – Bude, 30 August 1917) was an English astrologer, author, publisher, astrological data collector[1] and theosophist. He is often referred to as "the father of modern astrology".[2]

His work stimulated a revival of astrology in the Western world after its decline at the end of the 17th century. Leo was a devout theosophist and he worked many of its religious concepts such as karma and reincarnationinto his astrology. He used the Theosophical Society's vast international connections to publish, translate and disseminate his work across Europe and America.

Astrological Data

Accurate World Horoscopes. DOANE Doris Chase $31.95 Here is a valuable tool for astrologers working with mundane events or current affairs. Contains the United Nations horoscope, & charts for 173 countries & territories around the world.

American Presidents And Their Wives. FLACK Rudy & Diane $12.95 Astrological horoscopes of U.S. Presidents and their wives with commentary.

Astro-Data II. RODDEN Lois $29.95 Formerly titled The American Book of Charts. Over 300 charts are included in this excellent reference book for astrologers and students alike.

Astro-Data III. (Reprinting) RODDEN Lois $25.95 Over 400 computer calculated charts, as well as birth data & planet positions for an additional 300. Invaluable reference for students & teachers alike.

Astro-Data IV. RODDEN Lois $36.95 This volume contains data of artists & musicians, designers & architects, authors & poets, dancers & singers. Contains 400 charts & 350 additional data. No data has appeared in prior books.

Astro-Data V - Profiles Of Crime. RODDEN Lois M. $36.95 Contains 735 data of criminals, 200 cases with charts & 435 cases with planet positions listed, with a total of over 2,000 timed events.

Astrology - 30 Years Research. DOANE Doris C. $15.95 Church of Light research into lots of Astrological principles with case histories, glossary.

British Royalty Horoscopes. FLACK Rudy & Diane $6.95 A succession of rulers of England & Scotland from 802 to the present day.

Circle Book Of Charts. ERLEWINE Michael $19.95 A collection of 1302 natal or solar charts of contemporary & historical celebrities, plus several mundane charts.

Horoscopes Of U.S. States And Cities. DODSON Carolyn $18.95 An invaluable tool for students or professionals. Where is your best state or city?

Horoscopes Reveal Personalities. DOANE Doris $20.95 Birth dates for many stars, in addition to the charts of many public personalities.

International Horoscopes, Vol. II. MALEC Glenn C. $16.95 More horoscopes, including Algeria, Central African Republic, Guyana, Iceland, Mozambique, Netherlands and more.

International Horoscopes: Volume I. MALEC Glenn $17.00 This excellent book on mundane astrology studies the birth charts of over 70 nations.

Profiles Of Women - Astro-Data 1 RODDEN Lois M. $46.95 Finally back in Print. A rich storehouse of famous individual's charts.

Stars Over England. PENFIELD, Marc $11.95 Collection of charts of famous people & events of English history with delineation.

United States Wheel Of Destiny, The. S1469-014 STONE Diana $6.95 Must reading for the mundane astrologer, this is a detailed discourse on the U.S. chart & the country's history & future. Includes several U.S. charts & one for the U.S.S.R.

Vocational Astrology

Astrology And Vocational Aptitude. VON KLOCKLER H. Baron $12.95 A translation, from German, of von Klockler's work in astrology after the first world war.

Astrology As A Business. DOANE Doris C. $9.95 What to do and to avoid in establishing an Astrological practice.

How To Use Vocational Astrology For Sucess In The Workplace. TYL Noel - Editor $14.95 Seven expert astrologers present various ways to help clients with vocational choices & business decisions.

In Search Of A Fulfilling Career. WICKENBURG Joanne $14.95 A simple & concise guide to determining career aptitude from the natal chart. Focuses on the earth houses. Excellent.

Patterns Of Professions. DONATH Emma B. $11.95 This book represents the original research on what will prove to be a long-term look at the use of astrological patterns in vocational counseling.

Vocational Selection And Counseling, Vol. I. DOANE Doris Chase $16.95 A guidebook for the professional astrologer who aims to help clients determinecareer directions, complete with tips on astrological counseling & business techniques.

Vocational Selection And Counseling, Vol. II. DOANE Doris Chase $16.95 Shows how to synthesize the many varied horoscopic indicators of aptitude in order to help clients make careen choices.

Financial Astrology & Stock Market Trends

750 Over The Counter Stocks. MULL Carol S $32.95 Volume containing 750 computer cast natal charts all categorized according to the type of company.

Astro-Economics - A Study Of Astrology And The Business Cycle. WILLIAMS David $3.00 A seminal work on astrological indicators of the business cycle, illustrating how aspects between planets are connected to economic trends.

Astrology And The Stock Market Forecasting. MCWHIRTER Louise $49.95 Astrologer & financial analyst originates scientific theories on stock market forecasting.

Basic Principles of Geo-Cosmic for Financial Market Timing MERRIMAN Raymond $15.95 The perfect place to begin a study in financial Astrology. Written for those interested in market timing as well as those who have little knowledge in astrology. Excellent information.

Market Cycles MERRIMAN Raymond $25.00 A comprehensive & easily understandable guide on how to apply the study of cycles to enhance trading & investing in financial markets.

Money - How To Find It With Astrology. RODDEN Lois M. $21.50 The planets, signs & houses of astrology are examined in terms of the commercial life. Included are vocational indicators; where & when optimum opportunities exist & much more.

Money Signs. WADE Elbert $11.95 A popularly-oriented guide to using astrology as a means to understand your financial potential & to make that knowledge work to your benefit.

Planetary Stock Trading MERIDIAN Bill $50.95 Horoscopes with time & date of first trade for stocks on the New York Stock Exchange & NASDAQ. Demonstrates how to select individual stocks & a no-nonsense evaluation of planetary influence.

Standard And Poor's 500. MULL Carol S. $31.95 Computer generated arranged-by-industry horoscopes of S & P's 500, along with a discussion of methods of obtaining incorporation data, glossary of stock market terms, index. Financial astrology.

Think Astrology & Grow Rich. FARRELL Paul B. $29.95 You'll learn some practical, street-smart solutions from a result-oriented businessman with 25 years of experience.

Winning With Astrology. NAGLE Evelyn M. $4.95 Presents a system for developing your own personal, unique & proven winning formula for gambling. Uses the natal chart & transits as keys to speculative success.


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